Is It Safe to Drive in Belize?

Belize is a great destination for those who are looking to get off the beaten path and aren’t dependent on private transportation or shuttle services to travel around. But driving in a new country can be intimidating, and if you’ve not been there before, you could have lots of questions.

Most people’s first question is: ‘how secure is it to drive in Belize?’ This is a great question to inquire about. It is very safe to drive here. But, there are differences between the roadways in Belize and the States that you need to be aware of prior to deciding to travel.
What is the quality of the roads as in Belize?

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The road condition in Belize is a security concern. There are some areas that are paved however not all and so traveling on roads can make for a bumpy ride. Luckily, the road almost entirely asphalted between Belize City and Hopkins – plus, you’ll also get to take in the Hummingbird Highway in Belize, which is its most well-known (and beautiful) road that runs along the route.

In Belize It isn’t recommended to drive during the night. Potholes can be difficult to spot in the dark, and so hiring cars isn’t recommended. Also, Belize uses ‘topes’ or speed bumps for speed control and hitting one of those in a hurry is another sure way to kill suspension. Be sure to avoid driving at night when you can see exactly what you should avoid!

It’s important to remember that seatbelts only are required for passengers in the front seats of a car. People in the back don’t have to use them, but for the sake of safety, they ought to.
Belize’s Pedestrians
Jaywalking isn’t considered a crime in Belize, so another potential security issue to be considered is pedestrians crossing the street – people can appear from nowhere at times. Pedestrians aren’t such a problem in quieter areas, but in urban areas, where people tend to cross the road in front of parked vehicles to cross the road Accidents can happen easily.

It is also more hazardous when it comes to pedestrians because roads are typically poorly illuminated, rendering pedestrians virtually invisibly. To ensure your safety it is recommended to take your time while driving at night.
Car rental in Belize
You need at least a Belize driver’s license or an International Driver’s Permit if you intend to lease a vehicle.

Given the uncertain condition of Belize’s roads it’s best to rent the vehicle with four wheels in the event of a need. You can be confident that your car can handle any difficult terrain or dirt roads with ease.

Also, make sure that you have the right insurance. Also, make sure to check what coverage is available.

Another thing to look into is whether the rental company will send a mechanic if you happen to break down. A lot of companies will, particularly the top international brands. Some won’t, and you wouldn’t wish to be in rural areas without easy access to assistance.

If you keep all these guidelines with a clear mind, driving around Belize is an enjoyable, worthwhile – and safe experience that gives you the freedom to explore with a sense of adventure that you’ll never forget.

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