Do You Prefer to Be Alone or With Others?

The past 12 months in lockdown has taught us a huge amount about ourselves, and pushed some of us to rethink the things we value most in our lives. Many of us have noticed that our values have changed.

It’s also been a period where we’ve had to face various aspects of us too. To find out what we think about being in solitude, and how having a relationship with other people can affect our lives. Many of us have been forced to spend a lot of time at home alone because of work in person, family, friends and life have been completely being removed from our daily life.

There are also those who maintain regular contact with their spouses as well as their children, and also work having to be with them and home-schooling while adjusting to work and finding everything they require on the internet, and having all their needs delivered directly to their home.

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For some, it’s been a wonderful time in which they have gotten to know each other as they have experienced the highs and lows of lockdown, conversations, sharing moments walking or cooking together and sharing meals. They’ve developed new routines and aren’t ready to allow the world back in.

While others are eager to join the world, eager to circulate , securing some of the most valuable bits from being locked down, but not being so tightly encased.

Reflecting Do you prefer being alone or with other people?

Much is contingent on the circumstances at home is like. For those who are able to live on our own are likely to be fairly self-sufficient, and already taking care of our own needs and making use of the internet. It’s possible that lockdown hasn’t affected our lives.

However, for those who are used to working out or networking, who have a hectic social and work schedule and taking holidays regularly, or those who are confined to a home with agitated kids and spouses, constant zoom meetings , and no alternatives to get outdoors, it’s been quite a different experience.

– Whether you prefer to be on your own or with other people depends heavily on the circumstances and what your alternatives are. Sharing your thoughts with other people could mean you’re being pressured to talk or have a discussion or walk at their speed or compromise. It can be overwhelming to think about these things as excessive, particularly if you’re desperate for an escape and some time to yourself. But, they can be an enjoyable relief if you’re at risk of becoming too secluded and secluded in your zone , and in need of some motivation.

A periodic break to maybe sit down with an iced coffee, take an hour-long soak in the tub or go out in the natural world can help you be capable of releasing stress and returning to a more relaxed state of mind. You’ve had a good time, have enjoyed some space and rediscovered some peace and are consequently more optimistic about the things you’re coming back to.

There are also people who have an interest that nobody within the family has. Running or playing golfing may not be on their list of priorities. Therefore, doing it by ourselves means we can still take pleasure in it and not miss the opportunity that is essential to us. Additionally, it adds an additional aspect to our conversations once we get back home.

A social gathering can give us the motivation and motivation to take action on something that we’ve always wanted to accomplish but have been putting off. Others can inspire us to take on new challenges and encourage us to try new things even when we’re not sure. However, when they lose their enthusiasm and we lose ours, we could be discouraged too.

Also, remember that there are many activities that we could begin together, but will end up doing it all on our own. Swimming or a bike ride doing online research and losing weight, or stopping smoking. These are all activities that we can commit to together, but the reality is that we spend most of our time on our own. Sure, we be traveling together, and keep track of our progress regularly with updates and motivational talks, however, the majority of our success is due to the individual effort of each of us.

If we spend lots of time with other people, a bit of time to ourselves is a precious, carefully guarded, and cherished moment. Looking forward to a day on your own, preparing your meals and ways to take advantage of your time alone and then finding out that other people are also taking days off, can be a major disappointment!

Making time for your personal time regularly will significantly enhance your satisfaction. Even if you just take 10 minutes at a time after work , before returning to your hectic home life, it will make a significant difference to your mood and to put a stop to the stress of the day. Utilizing the drive home or taking a 10-minute break will allow you to break up the various parts of your day. It will allow you to recharge and anticipate returning to your life with a more positive attitude. You will benefit out of being alone as well as with other people.

Susan Leigh, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor and writer who also contributes to media provides assistance with issues in relationships and stress control, assertiveness and confidence. She works with individuals as well as couples. She also offers training for corporate clients and provides support.

She is the author of three books: ‘Dealing with Stress and Managing the Impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ as well as “Dealing with Death: Coping with the pain’. All available accessible on Amazon and with simple to understand sections, helpful tips and suggestions to help you be more optimistic about your life.

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