Promoting Your Blog and Turning it Into Cash Machine

The popularity of blogging is growing rapidly. Many people have quit their high pay jobs and taken blogging as a full-time occupation. In the past, only celebrities were publicized and this was also through media, but nowadays you can make yourself known through blogging. Additionally, celebrities are using blogs to provide direct information and communicate with their followers. In addition to promoting, blogs can be utilized to generate income in a variety of ways. If your blog post turns out to be a huge success then you’re aware of what’s likely to occur. Even if the post is unpopular, there could provide an abundance of opportunities.

Do you believe that any blog will rise to the heights. Absolutely it won’t. A lot of blogs are made every day and then discarded there. After you’ve created your blog, you must to make it look professional in order to reap the benefits of it, or else you’ll simply be posting without usage. Visit:-

I’ll start with an introduction to blogs that are brand new to the field. Blog is a trimmed word that means Web Log.

Blog is basically a live interactive journal. It’s like a journal but made public. You are able to write on your blog about everything you want to. Your blog’s readers could be granted the right to make comments on it. There are numerous terms that go along with blogging , including blogosphere bloggerhost, blogging platform dashboard, blog archive, dashboard, RSS, and Atom. Readers are able to Google Internet to find information on these terms.

For a blog to be created all you require is access to the Internet and an active email address. There are a variety of free bloghosts (Blogger, WordPress, …) where you can sign up for an account. Although features and usage on all bloghosts are similar, I will stick to Blogger on which I have my blogs ( and

The steps to follow for making your blog:

  • Visit and sign up to create an account with an email address that is valid (not necessarily a gmail address)
  • Choose an accessible URL for your blog, intuitive title and layout template.
  • Your blog is ready to go live.

You must now apply the makeup to make it look more attractive and also to promote it for different motives.

The steps below will help you when making your blog look more professional:

  • Modifying Layout (Default template): By default the blog’s page displays the blog’s title, owner’s profile, the post area, archive of posts and possibly other details. If you click on the your blog’s layout page, then you will be able to see the elements of your blog that are currently on display as well as a possibility to add additional page elements. There are a variety of useful elements that you can insert on your blog’s page. I have found the addition of HTML Code, label, Link List page elements extremely useful. HTML code lets you insert third party HTML scripts or code similar to that of AdSense. Labels display and categorize your posts according to tags that are associated with your post. Link list lets me show links to my favorite websites. After adding them you can arrange the elements however you want. For instance, you could put Labels on the right sidebar, and Link List as the left sidebar.
  • Utilizing free Templates: Once you begin exploring blogs you’ll notice that your blog’s design isn’t as appealing as a blog that others have. They are essentially using an entirely different design. If you want to make your blog look more attractive, there are ways to satisfy your desire. Simply Google “free blogger templates” and you’ll be presented with websites that offer these templates. Go to any of these websites and download the template (usually an xml, text or html file) that you like. The use of this template is simple. You can upload the template to your blog , or you can choose the Revert option to Classic Template and copy-paste the template’s code into the Edit HTML section of Templates link. Save the code and then view your blog in a completely different layout. You can experiment with a variety of templates until you’re satisfied or bored.
  • Making Your own template: When copying the template’s code in the previous step, you might be aware that the template is nothing more than HTML as well as CSS code, along with intervening tags that are enclosed in $ and beginning with Blog words like $BlogURL”$. Now we are getting to the main point. To create your personal template, all you require is a basic understanding about HTML, CSS and information regarding blogging tags. Reading a template downloaded code will assist you in understanding these requirements before you begin to develop your personal template. “Blogging Tags are a few and can be downloaded from the Internet. To speed up the development you could also make use of web-based authoring tools such as Dreamweaver.
  • Promotion of Your Blog If you do not promote your blog, then there’s no point in creating and personalizing it. The following methods can be employed to advertise your blog:
    • You may have heard the expression ‘Content is the real King’. It’s accurate. While you are able to post any content on your blog, it is recommended to create distinct blogs on different subjects such as one for technical posts and another for posts on health tips, etc. Post on topics that your people are actually looking for and not ones that you are familiar with and can be found elsewhere in a more effective ways.
    • Keep a consistent posting frequency, whether it’s daily or weekly however, you must stick to your posting schedule. This will result in re-visits from people who enjoy your blog.
    • In the Settings hyperlink on the blog’s dashboard, you will find an option to allow feeds. You should allow feeds to that your readers are able to subscribe to be aware of when you’ve updated your blog. I use Feedburner that not only offers a feeds that can be subscribed by other users but also provides statistics on its readers and help making money through AdSense. Feedburner offers tiny scripts to each of these that you can insert into the template of your blog.
    • However, how will people know about your blog. One method is to make it more popular it through telling people about it, sending emails and posting articles about on online forums. But, just as you have websites with search engines, then there are special search engines specifically for blogs too. One of these search engines can be found in Technorati . You must also set up an account with Technorati and then claim your blog there. It is possible that you will need to alter specific settings, such as the manual or automatic ping option to notify Technorati of the blog’s updates. Your blog will be listed in search results, and it will be added to the top blogs or the homepage of Technorati when it has gained enough credibility.
    • Commenting on blog posts and leaving links to your blog doesn’t perform as it should now, with the links you leave in comments are identified as “no follow” tags.


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