Crypto-Criminology – The Gothic Nature of Crime

Crypto-criminology is the term used to describe that dark and devious, and risky side that human beings have. The humanistic impulse that transcends the boundaries of civility and violence. This is the realm of “practical criminalology” that is applicable in the actual world, in which human behavior is beyond profiling or prediction, and is not defined with precision. This type of investigation plunges into the depths of human insanity and into dark, gloomy mazes of mental chaos. Modern science does not have a useful, efficient and effective method to describe all possibilities. Naturally, mythology, magic , and metaphor are constant references within the realm of debate. In one way it’s the study of human evil and its inherent manifestations. In another way it seeks to dig into the mysteries of why criminals commit crimes. It is a study of criminal behaviour to explore through the dark and spooky landscape of human deviance which fuels criminality. The search for new explanations involves examining the impact on “gothic symbolisms” in films, literature and other media of mass circulation. In this sense, “crypto” refers to the obscure, the secret and the undiscovered. Similar to “gothic” it is made to the primitive and primordial concepts of human nature. A realm of roaring psychic werewolves, nightmares of death and demon influence. This subterranean worldview is full of terrifying significance, vampiric violence, and cruel and cunning cruelty. Visit:-

Similar to other aspects of research, we have an expression called cryptozoology. It is often used to describe the study of unidentified or undiscovered “animal” living things. From this we can infer that “crypto” refers to the secret, hidden and fascinating nature of living things. In addition, there are the elements of being aware, studying and comprehending mysterious phenomena. This is a concept that is relevant to the discipline of criminalology. Today, we have many thought-provoking schools of thought. They all fall short of providing a satisfactory explanation. The result is an unintentional misguidedness in social policies, confusion in the public and a sloppy implementation in the system of criminal justice. Fiction and fact are interspersed, and our society is sucked into the flimsy pursuit of illusion and deceit.

When truth is entangled with truth, metaphors claim their existence to stumbling over simple explanations. The more we categorize the people we define, describe and characterize the more we discover difficulties in understanding the perpetrators of crime. Therefore, the search for human nature’s mysterious and mysterious nature is a fascinating journey through strange events, baffling incidents and shady actions of debauchery. “Crypto” is a search for the mind of the macabre, particularly with regard to primal existence as well as event selectivity and criminal causality. People make deliberate choices to commit criminal acts. Even the most horrific crimes are planned and executed using a unique sense of logic and reason. We are in shock, awe and dismay when these things happen. Perhaps it is because we get an image of ourselves in the destruction, violence and aggression. In this way the concept of crypto-criminology is an approach to mental health that allows you to conduct a course of study that focuses on criminal behaviour. As a result the behavior can cause injuries, trauma, and even death. Through a deeper investigation into the bizarre complicated, perplexing and enigmatic nature of criminology, we discover the fascinating connection to gothic concepts of myth, fable and allegory. It is enough to say that the mysterious, dark and mysterious mental processes of human behavior remains elusive to different fields of the “pseudo science”.

Particularly, what is the essence of evil is elusive the accuracy of a definitive knowledge or precise prediction. It is dark and hidden in the fantasies of myth or daydreams, magic and. Therefore, in the realm of criminological problems that are practical we seek alternatives at multiple levels. The avenues of chase bring to an array of premeditated capers to the forefront on edges of the bizarre as well as the supernatural and gothic. Or, preferably the ever-expanding realm of “crypto-criminology”. These brain processes are involved in the ever-present battle of balancing the battle against evil and good. Magic, myth and metaphor appear as mysterious illusions that are based on psychic distortions. When we think, so do we behave. Being aware, being aware and act is a human trait. When we dream we also wish to feel, touch and feel the manifestations of our imagination. Transfer it from one realm to another. Take it out of the mind and into the world of reality.

When we look in the mirror we see a reflection of the image evil appears to be. We are criminals and they are us. There is only one difference: some are in control of their behavior, whereas others do not. We’re the only gunman on the grassy hill. We’re also a werewolf hunters with silver bullets, slyly hunting in our own delusions. We are ghouls, ghosts and specters huddle in the caverns that are hidden from the brain’s mirror that is special to the mind. The images of imagination come to fulfillment in desires, urges and motives. Dark thoughts lust after the desire for life and the aversion to death. The research into crime, criminals and criminalistics, must never stop exploring the infinite possibilities of human thought. Crypto-criminology is a growing field of research into the dark reflections of our minds. In this perpetual investigation, our sleight-of- hand techniques become a means of the answers to the ultimate question. Are you able to answer it as a who did it? Or is it a reason why that you did it? If so is the case, then what’s the reason?

To answer a simple inquiry it is necessary to flip through the pages of the fundamental continuum of whom, how, where, why and when, where and what? Inquiring minds, open-minded, multidisciplinary and rational, we must look into the underlying issues using rigorous investigation efforts as well as insights and intuition. This mysterious inquiry aims at the solitary nature of humans. As some have suggested that we are “mind hunter”. The mind is an illusion that the brain creates. So, aren’t we looking for something that isn’t there? A glimpse from the depths of human thought deep within the caverns of our brain’s processes? From science to religion, and all in between, we are awestruck by ourselves. Unanswered questions remain in our quest for greater understanding of our human characters motivations, traits and habits. Through dreams and fantasies, we construct our own inner worldthat changes in a continuous manner. The process of identifying deviant behavior is an exercise in speculation and educated guesswork. The majority of the time, we aren’t able to grasp. The vast expanses of mystery baffle the scientist, the priest, the media and even politicians. If it is confined to the metaphysical realms of philosophy like religion, the world of ideologies is and open for speculation. The dreamscape of the throne of darkness in the human race beckons visions of werewolves, vampires and demons. The supernatural creatures emit a sense of special affection to our sly, mysterious mental wanderings. Human puzzles comprise many pieces. The process of putting them all together creates an unending time. In a world of evil it is all feasible. Even the most surprising form of goodness.

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