How to Sell Books on Amazon

Authors realize that having their books on Amazon is crucial for sales of their books. Many more customers are choosing to make Amazon their first choice to go to purchase books. And with Amazon’s free shipping option and the convenience of shopping from home, that trend is not going to change. However, Amazon offers many options to authors to market their work that can be confusing and time-consuming to unravel. Here are some simple ways to navigate through the process.

Amazon offers three different ways to market your book through its store on the internet: 1.) placing your book on Amazon and sending copies to Amazon, 2) the seller’s account or) selling your book for Kindle. This article will concentrate on the two first options, which are for printed books rather than digital book. Visit:-

What are the main differences between using Amazon make your books available for sale as well as your creating a seller’s account to sell your own book at Amazon? Time and money. As an author, you will be required to determine if time or money is more important for you in working with Amazon, or you can balance out both ways at least until you decide which is best for you. Here are some explanations on the best way to accomplish both and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

List Your Book for Amazon to Sell

What is it: It is necessary to create the “Amazon Advantage” account, probably aptly titled because Amazon rather than the author receives most of the advantage. To sign up, you’ll need copies of your book, an ISBN as well as a bar code. After that, go to Amazon Advantage. Follow the directions, but remember to make sure you read the specifics. Amazon has an annual cost ($29.95 currently and nonrefundable whether or not any of your books are sold) and its Commission is 55% of your retail price. Amazon will notify you of the need to mail books and to how many. You are responsible for shipping, and have no say over the amount you pay. If Amazon will accept fifty dollars, you pay the shipping cost for fifty, even if your books don’t make it to the shelves. If Amazon just wants two copies at one time, you could have to do frequent small shipments which can be time-consuming and more costly than one large shipment if your book is selling steadily.

Advantage: Once Amazon receives your book and begins selling the books, you don’t need to deal with mailing your individual order.

Negatives: Not only do you need to pay an annual amount to be featured, but Amazon’s 55% commission rate is quite expensive. A book that is priced at $25.95 could result in that the author earns $11.68 from the book’s author. Be sure to consider charges for sending books to Amazon so your profit will be less.

Be an Independent Seller Through Amazon

What is it:You aren’t able to sell your book independently through Amazon until it’s listed there, so regardless your book’s title, it must be listed on to be registered with an Amazon Advantage account. Follow the steps above, sign up as an Amazon Advantage client, and then later tell Amazon that the book is not more available. Or, if you’re traditionally published or and published by a subsidy presses or an agency like Ingram the publisher or distributor will set up the Amazon Advantage account on your behalf and pay the fees but only pay the royalties you have agreed to with the distributor or publisher. Nowadays there are many independent printers and book design firms also publish books on Amazon for authors who self-publish and only charge a minimal, one-time cost (usually approximately $50) to list your book. The book can be listed as out of stock, that is, Amazon has no copies and you’re not required deliver any copies to them.

Once your book is on page on Amazon and you have it listed, you can create an account for sellers with Amazon to sell your book independently. Start by searching your book title on Amazon. On the right-hand part of the page for your Amazon page is a boxed space with the question, “Have one to sell?” followed by a button to click that says “Sell Yours Here.” Follow the steps to publish your book and your information. You are free to list any number of copies you want, as long as you have the required number of copies of the book in stock. Customers can now purchase the book directly from you rather than Amazon. There is no cost to Amazon till the time that your book is sold.

Benefits Advantages are many, especially when it comes to your profits. Rather than take 55% in commissions as those who have an Amazon Advantage Account, Amazon takes something less than 25%. Amazon will also give you the option of a $3.99 credit to ship your book. This credit will help you pay for shipping when you send it via media mail. For instance, the $25.95 book we mentioned to illustrate the situation previously, and which weighs just one pound, would cost you $2.77 to ship. Amazon pays you $23.71 per sale, which includes the $3.99 to ship it) which means that your profit is $20.94 (about more than the $11.68 less shipping costs if you sold the book through Amazon Advantage).

Another advantage to selling through an independent seller’s account would be that while Amazon can advertise your book as having a retail price of $25.95 If you have a seller account you are able to list the book for sale at a price that is slightly lower than that so it appears less expensive to potential buyers. You may also indicate your book not just with the title “New” but include that it has been signed by the author and shipped by him or her. Even if you sign the books that you send via Amazon, Amazon won’t advertise to you that they’re signed by the author, so placing your books on your seller account with the words “signed by the author” may be an advantage for you. A lot of readers believe that an autographed book is of more worth than one that’s not.


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