True Foundation of Marriage

Marriage is like a precious jewel

Many people these days are confused about marriage. In the eyes of many, the marriage system has become irrelevant, becoming an archaeological relic from a simpler and more rustic era. They wonder if marriage is still a good idea, especially in today’s more “liberated” and “enlightened” cultures. Concepts such as honor, trust, honesty, and dedication are outdated and do not appear to be in contact with modern society.

Many people change partners as easily (and almost as often) as changing shoes. This turmoil about marriage is not surprising given the extraordinary barrage of secular attitudes and philosophies that hit us every time. Every day, books, magazines, movies, melody dramas, sitcoms, and golden-time dramas attack us with images of women cheating on their husbands and men cheating on their wives.

Single men and women are in bed in a blink of an eye and are as quick as going out again to find their next partner.
Today, people buy relationships in the same way they buy clothes. They try “at a certain size” and if it doesn’t fit, try something else. Once you find something that suits you, wear it for a while until it fades or becomes obsolete. Then they either throw it away or hang it behind the closet and replace it in a hurry.
We live in a disposable “disposable and disposable” society that has lost a great deal of true permanence. We are a world with a limited shelf life, limited shelf life and planned aging. There is no absolute one. Truth exists only in the eyes of the beholder, and morality is the whims of the moment. Isn’t it wonderful in an environment where people are asked, “Do you like it any more? Is there anything you can rely on?”

An important symptom of a sick society is when it attribute to relationships the same impersonal, temporary attitudes we show regarding lifeless disposable items that we use in our daily lives. Marriage is the deepest and most intimate of all relationships, but it can even be attacked. Is Marriage Still Feasible in Modern Society? Does it still make sense in the world we pass through? Is marriage still a good idea?
Marriage jewelry

So how should marriage be defined? If marriage is not primarily for gender or reproduction, what is it? As always, we can find the answer in the Bible. The word of God is really wonderful. What we read isn’t there by chance. Marriage or the basic Greek word for marriage is gameo, which derives from the same root as the English gem. That root word literally means merging. It describes the process by which precious gems are formed deep into the earth by integrating different elements into one. Visit:-

This process is also a good explanation for marriage. Gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are formed deep underground from ordinary elements that are exposed to heat and high pressure for extended periods of time. Heat, pressure, and time to work together can turn even the most common materials into something special. Take coal as an example. Charcoal is formed when partially decomposed wood and other plant materials combine with moisture under intense heat and pressure in an airless environment. This process doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes centuries. A divinely designed marriage is like a precious jewel.

First, it happens over time. Diamonds do not form within 10 years. They need thousands of years. It only takes a few minutes to get married, but it takes a lifetime to get married. This is one of the reasons why God established marriage as a lifelong and lasting relationship. There should be enough time for two people with a clear background and personality to merge as one body.
Second, God’s marriage is under intense pressure. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth. Millions of tonnes of pressure melt over thousands of years, turning burnt material into crystals that can withstand any attack. Diamonds can only be cut under certain conditions using specially designed tools. External pressure also softens and strengthens God’s marriage and brings husbands and wives closer together. Just as printing diamonds is pure, the daily problems and challenges of life purify God’s marriage. Men and women are oppressed together. The harder things get, the more your band grows. Marriage integrates two different people into one, so under pressure they become so fierce and fast that nothing can break them. God’s marriage and secular marriage react differently to pressure. When things get tougher in the world, partners break up. Like two glued pieces of wood, they are connected, but not fused. The heat and pressure of life separate them. The same heat and pressure fuses devout couples, and their marriage becomes inseparable and immovable. Marriage is not just a union of the two, but a clash of their stories. It is a conflict of culture, experience, memory and customs. Marriage is another beautiful home of life.
Building a strong marriage requires time, patience, and effort. One of the most difficult adjustments someone faces is the transition from single life to marriage. To be honest, people don’t change overnight. When you marry someone, you marry more than one person. You marry the whole family, a complete story of the experience. As a result, it is often very difficult at first to understand this person who shares a bed with the house. They both bring 20 or 30 years of life experience to marriage, which colors their perspective and reaction to the world. In most cases, you will soon notice that you are looking at many things that are very different from each other. Disagreements are one of the biggest causes of tension and conflict in young marriages. Adapting to these differences is important for the survival of the couple. Unfortunately, many marriages fail at this point.

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